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IRIS’s global accounting solutions are built to manage and organize your practice, help you streamline your workflow and make your practice more profitable.

  • Practice Management

    Practice management by IRIS is built to help streamline your practice by providing you with a single hub for all of your resources. With everything from payroll to time tracking in one place, we make it easy for your team to collaborate and communicate.

    Learn more about what IRIS’s practice management solutions can do for your firm today.

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  • Document Management

    Document management by IRIS saves you time and money by helping you always have the right document right when you need it. We help turn your files into an easily searchable databas;e, transforming how your existing files are managed and organized, and making it easy to add new documents.

    See the difference IRIS document management solutions can make to your firm today.

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  • Lease Accounting

    IRIS lease accounting solutions make compliance easy. Any organization dealing with FASB, ASC 842 and IFRS 16 standards can benefit from IRIS’s solutions. We automate compliance and guarantee accuracy, giving you the time to focus on your practice.

    Discover how IRIS Lease Accounting simplifies compliance for your firm.

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“IRIS Practice Engine has helped take our firm to the next level. Reports that would take us endless hours to create monthly/annually are now available with just a few clicks (including real-time dashboards); helping us know where we stand at all times and make business decisions sooner.”

Jose Antunes, Withum


Manage documents, customer data, and workflows from one dashboard. Get straight to work with a full-picture view of every contact.

  • Securely access files from anywhere at any time.
  • Eliminate the back and forth with your clients to get the documents you need with iChannel request lists.
  • Automatically send files where they need to go for effortless document management.
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Have a centralized place to work on, share, and store all your documents, making it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

  • Find everything you need in one application.
  • Never waste time hunting down a missing file or document again.
  • Stay compliant with retention and purge management.
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IRIS Practice Engine

Provides all your mission-critical functions in one easy-to-manage solution.

  • Make more informed business decisions with financial analysis reporting tools.
  • Avoid under and overbooking with comprehensive scheduling.
  • Manage all contacts through one CRM.
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IRIS Star Practice Management

Provides a flexible modular practice management solution compatible with any size practice or firm.

  • Run a more profitable business with budgeting and scheduling tools.
  • Make it simple for clients to pay you with a secure payments portal.
  • Turn work in progress (WIP) into bills with our time and expense entry tools.
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Why choose IRIS software?

  • Streamline your workflow

    Always know where you stand by managing all your jobs in one place. You’ll be able to see where everyone stands on a project, what’s falling behind, and where you need to work so you never miss a deadline again.

  • Improve your cash flow

    Reduce your bottlenecks with IRIS’s global accounting solutions. Send bills and process payments automatically, or find documents instantly when needed – saving you time while improving your cash flow.

  • Do more with your time

    Our accounting management solutions leverage automation tools to cut out repetitive manual tasks, freeing your schedule to focus more on what’s important.

  • Experience 24/7 support

    No matter what comes up, you will always have access to our help desk. Most of the time, we can resolve your issue overnight and get you back to work with as little interruption as possible.

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